Psychological counseling for students (PSZS)

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Psychological counseling for students (PSZS) attending Police College was initiated in cooperation with the Croatian Association for Behavioral Cognitive Therapies (HUBIKOT). The goal of counseling is psychological help for students who feel that they need one as well as the improvement of students quality of life.

 You can't see the way out of your problems?
Do you feel lonely and like no one understands you?
You are not satisfied with your body and/or physical appearance?
Do you feel sad, unhappy or anxious?
Are you sad because you have lost someone who was close to you?
Do you feel worried, nervous or do you often feel like panicking?
You are not satisfied with close relationships?
Do you have problems with learning, memory and concentration?
Every problem has a solution - CONTACT US!
PSZS expert team
phone: 01 2426100 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 14:00)